As a Houston based company we love to give back to the city that gave us our start. Over the years we have partnered with a variety of organizations to help raise funds and volunteer our time to help the communities that surround us.

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Our SCT Community Committee developed Four Pillars which serve as our guiding posts for our primary focus areas in our communities for the foreseeable future. While the Four Pillars could change or be added to in the future, the committee has decided on:

  • Food Insecurity (partnering with organizations like the Houston Food Bank to combat hunger)
  • Environmental Stewardship (cleaning our water ways, reducing our carbon footprint, trash pickup, etc.)
  • Youth and Community Development (programs that support youth development, whether through sports or academics or other, local community giving, etc.)
  • Mental and Physical Health (promoting healthy habits and lives, working to fight cancer and diseases, homelessness, etc.)

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We are a privately owned and operated organization. South Coast Terminals (SCT) was established in 1964 to fill a need for quality terminaling, warehousing, packaging, custom manufacturing and processing services. 

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