We offer full service packaging and warehousing for our customers' products. Access over 400,000 square feet of fire protected, dock high warehouses. Explore our wide range of import and export packaging services that are designed to support your initiatives.

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Warehousing Capabilities

Take advantage of the highest level of security and low risk distribution services when you partner with South Coast. Our customers have access to over 400,000 square feet of fire protected, dock high warehouses.

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Drumming and Toting Capabilities

Types of Packaging Lines

We provide a variety or drum line types to best suit your needs:

  • Semi-automated drum lines
  • Fully enclosed line for low threshold limit value materials
  • Tote filling line

Tote Sizes

Our totes range from 275 to 550 gallons.

Filling Capabilities

Our drum lines have the capabilities to fill one to two drums per minute. This duration will change depending on the physical properties of the product being packaged.

All hoses are dedicated by product and hard piping is minimized to eliminate cross contamination and reduce waste.

Our 18,000 square foot tote filling building has the capabilities to fill the following on all production lines:

  • Steel lined or unlined drums
  • Closed or open-top drums
  • Poly drums

Ancillary equipment for all lines include:

  • Inert Gas Transfer
  • Steam Heating
  • Specialized Meters
  • Explosion Proof High Volume Pumps

Hazardous Materials Filling Procedures

Safely working with hazardous materials requires extra care. We take additional measures to ensure the process is safe for everyone involved.

Our hazardous filling procedures include:

  • Utilizing fully enclosed hazardous material filling lines fed by a multi-level drum storage system, that can produce two to four filled drums per minute.
  • Specialized spill and fire protection systems with vapor abatement for low flash and toxic materials.
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Packaging Capabilities

South Coast offers a wide range of import and export packaging and warehouse services for the products stored or manufactured at our sites.

All of our packaging operations provide the following:

  • Sequential Fill Markings
  • Barcode Traceability
  • In Process Sampling to Ensure Quality

All transfer hoses are dedicated on a product specific basis which eliminates the potential for cross-contamination, and very short hard piping runs reduce the amount of waste generated for each fill operation.

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