SCT Bulk Storage & Terminalling Services

Our terminal network consists of  three facilities that support your bulk storage, material processing, and supply chain needs. We aim to serve as an extension of your manufacturing capabilities by implementing a combination of your performance specialty chemicals with our nationally recognized safety and quality programs.

Our business is built around product stewardship. Rock solid inventory management combined with dedicated tankage and piping ensures that materials stored at SCT are pristine and secure. We are ready to support your bulk storage and terminalling needs to optimize your commercial success.

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Terminal Capabilities

Our terminals boast a wide variety of capabilities to support your initiatives.

Our Terminals feature API Inspected Bulk Storage Tanks and are designed for:

  • Chemical Manufacturing and Batch Reactive Chemistry
  • Toll Blending Services
  • Processing and Storing Viscous and Hazardous Materials
  • Bulk Liquid Material Storage and Handling
  • Transloading
  • Packaging

Terminal Machinery

  • Boilers
  • Hot Oil Systems
  • Cryogenic Nitrogen
  • Loading / Unloading Racks
  • Multiple Packaging Lines
  • On-Site Truck Scales & Lab Support
  • Stainless Steel Reactors
  • VM Polymer Dissolvers
  • Multiple bag and cartridge filters
  • Plate & Frame and Pressure Leaf filters

Terminal Locations

Our three facilities are located in and around the city of Houston TX. Learn more about the specific capabilities of each facility here.

Process Tank Capabilities

Our Process and Terminal tanks can receive raw materials from the following vehicle types:

  • Inbound Railcars
  • Tank Trucks
  • ISO Containers
  • Raw Material Support Tanks
  • Receive Materials via Ship and Barge

Process Tank Equipment Types We Offer

  • Mixing Eductors
  • Radar Level Indication
  • High Level Alarms
  • High High Level Automatic Shutoff
  • Internal Coils for Heating / Temperature Control
  • Insulation
  • On-Line Sample Pots
  • Nitrogen Padding
  • Nitrogen Conversation Vents
  • Ancillary Equipment: Meters, Filters, Specialized Pumps

Testing and Safety

We eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination or the generation of excessive waste by utilizing:

Dedicated Piping > Filters > Meters > Pumps > Hoses

Process batches are then tested for conformance to manufacturing specifications. Samples of each production batch, shipment, or packaging are retained for traceability.

drone shot of facility from above

Competitive Production Rates Through Efficient Supply Chain Processes

Our goal is to optimize and streamline your supply chain process whenever possible. In order to achieve this our planning and logistics teams work closely with our operations personnel to ensure product is always available to meet every order. Whether the product is made to stock, made to order, or made just in time, SCT’s value proposition covers every need.

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