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Save on infrastructure and logistics costs by out-sourcing your blending manufacturing needs. Allow us to elevate your chemical formulations to their final stage. We provide the facilities, technology and experience all in one place. Keeping costs low and timelines short.

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Our operators prioritize safety while meeting and often exceeding customer expectations. Our planning and logistics teams are experienced and work seamlessly with your production planning teams and systems. We are ready to support your blending manufacturing needs to optimize your commercial success.

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SCT Toll Blending Equipment

Dedicated Tanks Properly Equipped and Segregated

  • Dedicated Blend & Raw Material Tank Sizes: Range from 5,000 gallons to over 200,000 gallons
  • Batch Size* Range: 10MT to >300MT
    *Actual minimum and maximum batch sizes are determined by the specific blend tank setup and tank geometry 
  • Segregation: Tanks are physically segregated to ensure quality and minimize the risk of cross-contamination
  • Optional Tank Equipment
    • Material Measurement: A combination of mechanical meters, coriolis mass flow meters, and tank radar equipment are used to ensure accurate material charge quantities
    • Filtration: Tanks can be set up with a variety of bag or cartridge-type filters to meet product quality requirements
    • Insulation: Tanks can be insulated to support materials and processes requiring heat

Utilities Available for Blend Tanks (via Internal Coils)

Steam Heating: Equipped as necessary with steam pressure options from 10# to 150#

Future Growth

Desire and resources to expand capabilities in pursuit of opportunities that support growth objectives while maintaining employee safety and customer well-being as our most important values.

SCT On-Site QC Lab Capabilities

We have our primary quality control laboratories on-site at our Strang Road Facility with additional support from our Wallisville Road Facility. Both labs are capable of performing all required analytical tests in-house and provide redundant capabilities for the other.

Both of South Coast’s quality control labs are staffed by trained technicians and chemists with industry experience. The labs contain a full range of equipment designed for confirmation analysis and qualitative testing.

The equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • FTIR
  • ICP
  • Gas Chromatography
  • GPC
  • Sulfur Analyzer
  • Automated Titration Equipment
  • Flash Point
  • Viscometers
  • Power Factor Analyzer
  • Dielectric Strength
  • Color Analyzers
  • Cold Crank
  • Rust Test
  • Emulsion Testing
  • Pour Point
  • Equipment required to run various ASTM methods as defined by client specifications.

The SCT lab received military approval in 1990, ISO certification in 1993, and has completed “round-robin” certifications with every customer utilizing our manufacturing services.

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SCT Blending Manufacturing Services

We focus on toll blending services as one of the best uses for the more than 350 tanks spread across our 3 Houston area locations. We utilize proven mixing eductor technology to perform blend batches that meet our customer specifications every time.

Our access to available tanks, world class maintenance personnel, and capital makes SCT the perfect partner for leading specialty chemical manufacturers looking for a partner with rock solid operational reliability, capacity to grow, and responsive to the ever changing market demands.

Blending Markets Supported

  • Primary Toll Blending Markets

    • Fuel Additive Blending
    • Lubricant Additive and Finished Lubricant Blending
  • Additional Toll Blending Markets

    • Heat Transfer Fluids
    • PIB Blends
    • Polyol Blends
    • Mining Blends
    • Hydraulic Fluids
    • Dielectric Fluids
    • Compressor Oils
    • Oilfield Products
  • Future Growth

    • Desire and resources to expand capabilities in pursuit of opportunities that support growth objectives while maintaining employee safety and customer well-being as our most important values.

Efficient Production Times

Efficient production times in toll blending operations is paramount to a supply chain that operates at the highest service level. Our planning and logistics teams work with our customers to ensure that product is available for planned and last minute orders. We understand the importance of blended material availability. That is the reason we optimize the toll blending process so you can focus on achieving your ultimate business goals.

The Benefits of SCT Toll Blending Manufacturing Services

  • Increased cost savings by having a reliable blending facility either close to your suppliers, or close to your customers, or both
  • Optimal product quality
  • Minimal risk of cross-contamination that may jeopardize product performance
  • Increased sustainability as it reduces the manufacturing processes’ environmental impact

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