SCT Specialty Chemical Manufacturing, Terminal, Warehousing & Packaging Facilities in the Greater Houston Area

We have three fully equipped processing sites in the Houston Commercial Zone to support our customers’ specialty chemical manufacturing, warehousing and packaging needs. 

Facility Amenities

We are staffed and equipped to perform a variety of services including a wide range of specialty chemical manufacturing processes, transloading, packaging and more. Our team is ready to support your projects.  We want to be your one stop shop helping you to produce and distribute your products. 

The following are capabilities you will find at all of our facilities.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Batch Reactors capable of producing 100MT batches
  • Tanks equipped for batch processing that have mixing eductors, online sampling equipment and utilize vapor abatement or closed loop vapor control
  • Carbon steel, and stainless steel tanks up to 600,000 gallons
  • Multiple high efficiency boilers with condensate return
  • On-site cryogenic nitrogen supply systems to ensure safe handling & product integrity
  • Micro-motion & volumetric meters and certified scales
  • Sub-Micron Filtration as well as bag and cartridge filtration
  • High volume polymer grinding and dissolving assets
  • On-Site Analytical Laboratories certified to provide CoA analysis
  • Dedicated pipelines for all processed and stored materials designed to reduce waste and improve process yields
  • Pilot plant assets for dissolving and amination
  • Over 200 rail spots for processing, transloading and long term storage
  • On-site certified truck and packaging scales
  • Semi-automated drum and tote packaging lines

Facility Locations

We are headquartered and operate in Houston, TX. Each of our facilities support a variety of specialty chemical manufacturing, warehousing, and terminalling needs.

Learn more about each facility's specific capabilities below.

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